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This is a unique opportunity to take the lead in the innovation sector of coffee industry.

Giant Coffee Conglomerates Have Been Controlling the Coffee Capsule Universe… Until Now

It is crystal clear that the world’s largest coffee brands have full control of the coffee capsule universe. Coffee capsuling technology is currently meant for industries only, thus it is immensely expensive and only affordable for the main actors of coffee market. Which means that small and medium-sized coffee businesses have no chances to bypass coffee conglomerates and create their own coffee capsules and blends.
This is how Kaphitech claims to be a game-changer. This compact machine is the world’s first device offering to place coffee capsuling process into the hands of small and medium coffee businesses. This patented technology is unique, it shifts the balance and sets new standards. Henceforth, creating new coffee capsule blends  shall not be accessible only to a few. More blends equals more flexibility, which means increasing Customers loyalty.
And Final Customers -coffee drinkers- will only benefit from it.
Kaphitech’s machine brings raw material -roasted coffee beans- incredibly close to the consumer. Which means more freshness of the product, bringing to a better taste. A true win-win situation between small/medium coffee businesses and Final Customers.

How It Works

Kaphitech’s solution has also been designed to provide an incredibly user-friendly experience. Any small/medium coffee business will be able to use it, since the whole process of coffee capsuling is fully automated and it is performed by the machine through three main steps: 1) coffee beans grinding, 2) ground coffee dosing into empty coffee capsules, and 3) capsules sealing.
It’s completely effortless and it requires no skills!
Vendor will only have to pour the selected coffee beans mix -which may be of Customers choice or also a new blend of Vendor’s own invention- and to start the machine from machine’s display.


Who Is Kaphitech’s Machine Intended For

Basically, any small or medium coffee producer, roaster, seller, coffee shop, along with bars and catering services, may use Kaphitech’s solution to offer their own coffee capsule blends to their Customers. This way, all these businesses will have the possibility to stop purchasing the existing coffee capsules from coffee market giants. They will stock up on any desired variety of coffee beans instead, with significant money saving, more product freshness and much more flexibility in the range of choice offered to Final Customers, which will result in a decisive increase in Customers loyalty.

Reason Why No Other Product Compares to Kaphitech

As of today, there is nothing like Kaphitech’s product in the market. This is due to the fact that most companies in the field focus on developing existing coffee grinders or industrial coffee capsuling machines.

Kaphitech’s product is instead the world’s first compact solution to coffee capsuling, affordable for any small/medium coffee business. This machine -turning coffee beans into coffee capsules- is to be considered the natural and needed evolution of a coffee grinder, which has been turning coffee beans into ground coffee for years now.


Patented Machine

Kaphitech’s machine is an innovative device like no other, protected worldwide by an International Patent.

In other words, this is a unique opportunity for you to get your portfolio exposed to the next generation of coffee packaging solutions in the industry.

Join a Billion Dollar Market

According to the Coffee Capsules Market Outlook (2022-2032), this sector has reached US$ 6.1 Bn in 2022 and is projected to reach the US$ 9.8 Bn mark by 2032, at a CAGR of 4.9% from 2022 to 2032. With Kaphitech, you can easily and for the first time ever get direct exposure to this market as a distributor or investor.


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